What if you unleashed the hero in you?

You would change the world. Now you can. Try Hero for free and revolutionize the way your company thinks about work.

What is Hero?

Hero is a gig marketplace inside your company. Whether you need to format a presentation, design your next generation product, organize your next company community drive, and more, Hero has you covered.

Keep your workforce productive

We spend about 8-10 hours every day doing what we are supposed to do. Yet how many of us are working productively for most of the time we are at work? Imagine the gain in productivity if you can tap into this fractional labor that goes un-utilized in your company. Get your people busy on the right stuff with Hero!

Inspire your talent to experiment and grow

Tired of the legacy model of employment and doing monolithic work? We are as well. Don't trap your talent in the traditional confines of teams. You can use Hero to allow your employees to explore new areas they are passionate about and connect exciting dots across teams in your company.

Identify and retain your best people

Graphic designer at heart doing IT Support? Self taught hacker moving paperwork? Time to unshackle their genius! Track and correct talent misalignment with Hero before it is too late.

$@&% biases!

Hero connects talented people with their colleagues who need the help. We believe in helping organizations create egoless work environments. Knowledge creates authority, and progression and professional success is completely blind to race, gender, color, height, weight, and anything else that makes you unique and beautiful.

Try Hero with your team for free.